Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Psalm Vomit? Hey Google, here's a non-evil idea for you

Hey Google Translate, here's an idea: Why don't you add Rabbinic Hebrew to your list of supported languages? Right now, entering something like a Rashi comment into your system produces gibberish. Look what I get when I attempt to translate the first Rashi in the Torah
Rabbi Yitzchak did not have to start [the] Law, but (Exodus XII b) this month, is your first commandment ordered [her] in Israel, and what would open in Genesis, because (Psalm vomit and) told his people power actions give them a thing of the nations, Gentile said that if Israel sets you, seven nations conquered countries, they tell them all the land of God is, he created and gave to confirm him in the eye, he wanted to give them and wishes she took them and gave us
That's really sad. The meaning is impossible to discover. And how awesome is Psalm vomit? Its a mangling of Psalm Chapter 111. The letters that represent the number 111 are a homonym for keeh, or vomit.

On the other hand, check out what happens when I take the perfectly good English translation found here, and use Google to  translate it to Hebrew then back to English:
Rabbi Yitzchak said: There was no need to start the Torah, but from this month you "(Exodus 00:02) which is the first commandment that Israel ordered, (the main purpose of the Torah is its commandments, and although some staff are in Genesis, for example , circumcision and the prohibition against eating hamstrings, they can include with the commandments). now what reason is to start with "first" because [the verse] 'the power of his work is related to his people, give them a thing with me "(Psalm 111:6). that if the nations of the world should tell Israel "You thieves, you conquered by force the lands of seven nations [of Canaan]," they will respond, "the whole country is of God, he created it (that we learn from the story of creation) and gave him water it is considered normal when he wants, he gave them the same, and when he wants, he took it away from them and gave us.
Much better right? So what gives Google? Why can't you teach your translator to handle the Hebrew of Sages used? If you pull if off, legions of wannabe scholars will be in your debt.

Look what happens when I attempt to run the first Rashi in the Torah through your system:

Search for more information about PSALM VOMIT at 4torah.com


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