Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Lag B'omer Music

Ok, with the annual fast on music already over in the Middle East, its time for a a few words about the three, and pretty much only three, songs connected to the holiday

Bar Yochai

Format: Extremely long and  repetitive piyut, oddly beloved by people who tend to hate piyutim
Traditional tune: Beyond boring [Lets give credit to Moshe Skier for trying to improve it]
Overall DovBear ranking: Wow, does this song suck. I don't think even the best performer can make it bearable. Proof: SoulFarm are truly fantastic performers and their version isn't much good, though they can't be blamed for failing to make bearable something that is inherently unbearable.

L'kovod Hatana Ha'elokai

Format: Extremely long and repetitive piyut, oddly beloved by people who tend to hate piyutim
Traditional tune: Not bad
Overall DovBear ranking: A good song, that can be great in the hands of a talented artists. Unfortunately, I can't find such a performance on the Interwebs. You'll have to make do with this scratchy, difficult to enjoy  version, though it offers the added fun of dancing Hasidim

Omar R. Akiva

Source: Based on what is probably Rabbi Akiva's best, most famous and most important homily. See my discussion here.
Traditional tune: Awesome
Overall DovBear ranking: A great song, so great that even a terrible musician can't get it wrong. And boy are you in luck, because I have found a fantastic rendition of the song performed by some Hasidic musician in which he absolutely blows the doors off it. You're welcome. (Its just a shame that after about 3 minutes  it cuts short, and turns into UGH Bar Yochai)

Hey, are you hearing these songs for the first time? If so, I'm really curious to hear what you think of them. Please share your reactions in the thread.

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