Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I think we all should call CitiField and ask why the Mets hate women.

Mrs. Met will be denied entry
to CitiField on May 20
Interesting point:
Wasn’t Citifield built with public money? (Like $600 million in public funds?) Should they be allowed to host events that ban 1/2 of the population from attending? Imagine the uproar if a group wanted to have a meeting and was refusing entry to Jews, blacks, or hispanics.
So, what about it? Can a place of public accommodation be used this way in New York City? The ads for the big anti-Internet rally on May 20 specifically say women are not invited. Do the Mets know? Are they aware their client is using their home field to hate on women? And more to the point, if enough people called to complain (the number for Metropolitan Hospitality, the management company, is 718-507-3663) would they cave?

Here's what I suggest. Call them now (again 718-507-3663) and say:

I have a question about the rally against the Internet being hosted at Citifield on May 20. Is it true that women are banned from attending? Why are the Mets and Citifield agreeing to participate in an event that discriminates against women?

That number again is 718-507-3663

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