Thursday, May 03, 2012

Women: Know your place!

According to this child's toy, the proper role of Faigy is to serve the two men.

I presume Faigy is the family daughter and Mom isn't available to serve Totty (rhymes with potty) and Tuli because she's out performing brain surgery or pro-bono legal work. This is Faigy's own fault, of course. If she aspires to be more than the family menial, let her grow a penis.

BTW, Tuli seems to have issues, too. Totty is able to learn Torah, but poor, moon-faced Tuli is only able to learn with Totty. Does he only exist as an extension of his father? Can't he do anything on his own? Tuli seems to be wearing a blue shirt. Perhaps that's the source of his unfortunate handicap.


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