Tuesday, May 08, 2012

This can't be good for kollel youngerleit/zionist diehards

The Times is reporting that Saul Mofaz, boss of Kadima, and Bibi Netanyahu, boss of Likud, have signed a coalition contract that makes Mofaz Deputy PM, or consigliere.

Mofaz at the Kotel praying for settlements to be disbanded
and for kolelniks to join the IDF
The deal has four other conditions. If you''re a shul-goer, you'll likely be hearing lots about one of them. But exactly which one depends on the type of shul you attend.

MO shuls Rabbis are likely to be screaming about this:
[Mofaz] said that he would start with an interim Palestinian state on 60 percent of the West Bank and negotiate the rest... and thousands of settlers in far-flung locations would agree to move or be forced to.
... whereas their right-wing counterparts are already planning kinus and tzedakka drives to deal with this:
[One condition was] that the Parliament would pass legislation to require national or military service of all Israeli citizens, including ultra-Orthodox Jews
Don't hold your breath on any of this actually happening, but until things are sorted the House of Israel is in for a fun, fracturus, ride.

Search for more information about Saul Mofaz at4torah.com

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