Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Some of the posters at Free Jinger are idiots

Why are people so damn stupid?

I wrote:

A world where everyone just does as they pleases regardless of how it effects the people around them is the world of Sodom.

This does not mean they are sodomites. It means they are selfish, and through their selfishness practice what the Sages called Middos Sdom. For example, Pirkei Avot 5:13: He who says, "What is mine is mine and what is yours is yours"--this is the common type, though some say that this is the type of Sodom

There - and elsewhere - the sin of selfishness is idiomatically refeered to as "the way of Sodom."

My point, simply, is that people need to take each other, and their surroundings into account, rather than selfishly doing as they please. A good rule, no?

In context, my statement was applied to breastfeeding women, who I believe should take the people around them into account, and also to the people around them, who I should believe should take the breast feeding mothers into account.

Both groups, as I said over and over again, should not trample on each others dignity and sensibilities. They should both show respect to each other. A nursing mother should not be asked to leave, and when possible, the nursing mother should attempt to determine the conventions and practices of the place before nursing in public, especially if private options are available.

Yet over on Free Jinger this call for mutual understanding and polite consideration got miscast as follows:

Breastfeeding in public compared to "world of Sodom"

Like I said. People are so damn stupid.

Search for some of the other moronic ways my innocuous and dare I say sensitive thoughts on breastfeeding were misrepresented by militants who made no effort to understand my POV and instead decided that I wanted to ban public breast feeding, shoot nursing mothers on site, or other such nonsense at 4Torah.com

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