Monday, April 11, 2011

A tale of two Jewish organizations and their approaches to Pesach

Received by email:
This really enrages me because all of the politics and sectarianism
that is generated from these organizations:,7340,L-4054673,00.html
I can translate as necessary. The basic idea is that the Badatz has a whole division dedicated to non-food items. Why? "It comes from the public." In other words, the people have been brainwashed into thinking that detergents, soaps, and chemicals need to be kosher, for passover or otherwise, so the Badatz sells certification for it, even though they admit that it's completely unnecessary. 
Who started that rumor? The people?  
I know a kashrut administrator at the OU who says the same thing about milk and other things: the only reason why the OU sells a hashgacha for them is because the company wants it because it sells. It's also well-known that these organizations certify toilet-bowl cleaner, but not non-glatt meat:
All this is true enough, but on the other hand, we do have somne frum organization that seek to make things easier, not harder. An example is the group behind a new viral video which shows two Jews working together to make a kitchen ready for Pesach and discovering the real meaning of the holiday. (Unfortunately, despite the video protagonist's honest efforts to clean his kitchen under the direction of a professional kashrus supervisor, I have a feeling many of you would still refuse to eat in his house. And this brings us back to the root of the problem discussed in the email above:  Badatz and the OU can sell kosher certification for non-food items because insecure Jews are convinced they need it -- and sometimes they are even willing to offend and betray and damage other Jews for the sake of acquiring it.)

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