Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is my company obligated to feed me kosher food?


Hi, I work for a company located in a suburban office park outside of Chicago, IL. We have about 200 employees. I am the only Orthodox Jew. About 20 times per year, we have group, department, or company-wide events that involve food. Sometimes its a simple lunch, but at other times it is an elaborate dinner. There is never any kosher food. I've brought this up to my boss, but his reply is that people with diabetes or celiac don't get special accommodations either. The nearest kosher restaurant is about 25 minutes away. This is a big deal, because the free food is a minor perk, which I am denied, and because business is often discussed at these gatherings.

How upset should I be, and what do you think I should do?

Also, I am extra mad right now because I came back from Passover today, and found about a dozen messages on my voice mail from co-workers who seemed mystified (and by their third or fourth call slightly annoyed) by my absence.  Thoughts welcome.


Irritated in IL

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