Monday, April 18, 2011

Great moments in Price Gouging

If you're a grocer, raising prices is one of the best loved Passover traditions. The Rabbis inveigh against it, and politicians complain, but the Jewish grocers are a law unto themselves charging, in come cases, double their regular prices for chicken, coffee or sugar. Now, our crack Hasidic correspondent has sent in a nominee for this year's Gouging Grocer Hall of Shame.

This item in this photo is labeled "Shank Bones for Passover" The cost is $2.49. Someone who is lazy, or ignorant, or pressed for time,  might buy it to serve on his seder plate as the Z'roah

As you can see from the next photo, the item is not actually a shank bone, but a chicken wing. Its perfectly okay to use a chicken wing as a zroah, but I doubt its permitted to sell a chicken wing labeled as a shank bone.  And it gets worse....

Punch line after the jump:

Remember the $2.49 cent chicken wing? Well, the same store sells them raw. You can have eight of them for $1.96, or 24 cents each.

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