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NYT hearts Matzo

One of the things I find perplexing about Pesach are the people who moan and groan about matzoh for 8 days and nights. Aside from being healthier than store bought bread, matzoh just isn't that awful. We nibble on it quite happily.

What follows are a random sampling of stories about matzo from the God-desecrating and Jew-abhorring New York Times including the paper's FIRST MENTION of the word matzo.

MATZOTH AGAIN.; The Feast of Passover Unleavened Bread How They Make Passover Cakes. [PDF]
New-Yorkers having occasion lately to pass through Grand street, near Broadway, must have noticed a store in which an unusual bustle was manifested, the windows filled with large crackers, curiously punched with numerous ......
April 4, 1871 - Article

Random mentions 
I've left out dozens, and tried only to include interesting headlines. Doesn't the list seem to tell the history of Jews in NYC? I especially like the frequent mention of Jewish charity, and the respect and recognition given to prominent Jews upon their deaths. 

To see the articles, search here

Selig Selbiger, a Hebrew peddler, born in Western Prussia, called upon Coroner Herrman yesterday, and said his sister Fanny, aged 22, had been foully dealt with by her husband, Moses Adler, a Lithuanian Hebrew, and a maker of matzoth, or unleavened bread,...
April 13, 1880 - Article

PASSOVER CHARITIES START.; Money and Unleavened Bread Distributed on the East Side. [PDF]
Thousands of dollars in money and great quantities of matzoth, disks of unleavened bread, were distributed last night among the poor Jews of the lower east side, as is the custom every year before the feast of the Passover, which opens on Wednesday and wi...
April 16, 1905 - Article

JEWS GETTING READY FOR THE PASSOVER; United Community Giving Out Matzoth and Kosher Meat to Those U... [PDF]
Through the cold rain that fell almost all day yesterday hundreds of poor persons on the east side charged upon 183 East Broadway, where the United Hebrew Community was giving out supplies for the Passover season, which begins next Saturday night and last...
April 18, 1910 - Article

MATZOTHS FOR NEEDY JEWS.; Charitable Organizations Will Provide Food for the Passover. [PDF]
Preparations were made yesterday for the free distribution of many thousands of pounds of unleavened bread or Matzoth to needy Jewish families, for the week of the Passover, which begins on Friday night. From that time until the end of the week the eating...
April 6, 1914 - Article

MATZOTH FUNDS NEEDED.; United Hebrew Community Makes Appeal for Money. [PDF]
The United Hebrew Community has sent out an appeal for more funds to enable its members to distribute mat-zoths and other food among poor Jews of the east side before the beginning of the Passover, and the distribution of food will take place from the org...
March 23, 1915 - Article

"MATZOTH KING" DIES AT 78.; Meyer London, Grand Street Baker, Was Known for His Charities. [PDF]
death and career...
November 30, 1915 - Obituary

MATZOTH WILL BE SCARCE.; Wheat Conservation, Will Reduce Supply for Passover 30 Per Cent. [PDF]
Owing to the wheat conservation rules of the United States Food Administration, Albert Kruger, executive director of the Maskel-el-Dol, a relief society on the east side, said yesterday that the Jewish population of the country will......
February 11, 1918 - Article

PASSOVER LEAVES ORDERED; Jewish Soldiers to Be Allowed to Go Home for Holidays. [PDF]
Leave granted to all Jews in U S Army, Navy and veterans' hospitals to spend Apr 23-27 at home for the Seder celebrations...View free preview
April 6, 1929 - Article

JURY IN MATZOTH CASE REACHES NO DECISION; Disagrees in $150,000 Suit Accusing Two Companies ofTrade... [PDF]
A jury which had passed the night in the Hotel McAlpin, following its failure Wednesday afternoon to come to an agreement in the so-called matzoth trust trial, spent restless hours yesterday in Federal Court....View free preview
January 9, 1931 - Article

TAX ON MATZOTH URGED.; Small Fee to Aid Jewish Schools Proposed by Federations. [PDF]
Feds of Yeshivoth and Talmud Torah to tax matzoths and candles for fund for Jewish educ Institutions...View free preview
January 9, 1933 - Article

HEBREW SCHOOLS GO INTO MATZOTH TRADE; Federation Opens Plant When Bakers Refuse to Levy Tax to Aid ... [PDF]
The Federation of Yeshivahs and Talmud Torahs, including twelve Jewish parochial institutions and seventy-five Hebrew schools in New York City, announced yesterday that it had leased a three-story building at 65 Pitt Street and had undertaken the manufact...View free preview
March 22, 1933 - Article

MATZOTH FACTORY BURNS; Firemen Battle 3-Alarm Blaze in Grand Street [PDF]
Three alarms of fire were sounded early this morning as the Meyer London Matzoth Bakery, described as one of the oldest and largest in the city, housed in a building at 494 Grand Street, was threatened with destruction....View free preview
March 6, 1937 - Article

SAMUEL I. HOROWITZ; Manager and Director of Horowitz Brothers and Margareten Bakery [PDF]
Samuel I. Horowitz, manager and a member of the board of directors of Horowitz Brothers Margareten, 369 East Fourth Street, one of the largest matzoth bakeries in the city, died yesterday at his home, 373 East Fourth Street, of pneumonia, at the age of 66...View free preview
November 18, 1937 - Article

Mrs. Nettie Streit, whose late husband was a well-knbwn baker of matzoths, died yesterday at her home at 2 Brighton Ten Court, Brooklyn....View free preview
December 2, 1937 - Article

Ethiopian Gets Holiday Bargain; Buys All Israel's Leaven for $55; Passover Purchase Includes Regime... [PDF]
JERUSALEM, April 11 -- For L100 Israeli -- $55.55 at the official rate of exchange -- an Ethiopian this morning gained title to all the Israeli Government's leaven....View free preview
April 12, 1960 - By LAWRENCE FELLOWSSpecial to The New York Times. - Article

The heads of two major American Jewish Orthodox organizations appealed to the Soviet Union last night to "fulfill their pledge" to permit the baking of matzoth throughout the Soviet Union for Passover....View free preview
March 13, 1966 - Artic

Bernard Manischewitz, Last in Family Firm, Dies at 89 - Obituary ...
It then controlled 80 percent of the United States market for matzo, the unleavened bread eaten year-round but especially at Passover. ...
September 23, 2003

Grant, Lee and Matzo? Exhibit Traces Kosher's History in America ...
Rabbi Yaakov Y. Horowitz's version of American History 101 runs something like this: When the colonies were settled, the shochet, ...
November 10, 2003 - By DANIEL J. WAKIN

Nostalgia, the Secret Ingredient of Matzo Brei
THERE are people who like sweet foods and there are those who prefer savory. For most of the year the divide goes something like this: crème ...
April 9, 2003 - By MELISSA CLARK

Why Is This Matzo Different?
It's busy now at Charedim Shmurah Matzah Bakery in Borough Park, Brooklyn.
March 28, 2010 - By JODI RUDOREN - N.Y. / Region

Frank Gehry's Matzah Brei
The reason behind using Egg matzo is that it starts out softer, ... I use one egg per sheet and break up the matzo first into the egg and ...
April 17, 2008 - Diner's Journal

MATZO - Diner's Journal Blog
I never wanted to make matzo because I never thought it would be worth the trouble. Carta musica, however, a kind of Sardinian flatbread ...
Diner's Journal

Matzo Sells Like Hotcakes
Kosher food sales have grown steadily in recent years, with non-Jews making up the market's fastest-growing segment.
April 13, 2008 - By PETER APPLEBOME - New York Region

Making a Spiritual Connection With Matzo
On the Upper West Side, twentysomethings participating in a Jewish education project seize the reins of the matzo-production process.
March 29, 2010 - City Room

Long Island Kosher Food Stores Get Passover Makeover
Kathy Kmonicek for The New York Times. ON THE MENU Andy Balter has matzoball soup at the ready at Deli Boss in Roslyn Heights. ...
April 10, 2011 - By SUSAN M. NOVICK - N.Y. / Region


A Seder Without the Cooking
Evan Sung for The New York Times. Fried matzo with traditional Seder plate accompaniments at JoeDoe in Manhattan. ...
April 13, 2011 - By JOAN NATHAN - Dining & Wine

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