Sunday, April 17, 2011

Doing It Right

A Guest Post By E. Fink

You may (or may not) recall a post I wrote before Rosh Hashanah about a selfless act of charity that was witnessed by a congregant at Pacific Jewish Center. You should read that post: A Heartwarming Story of Charity

In the last few days, we have been preparing for Pesach. Of course that means multiple visits to the local Kosher markets. My wife and I both saw some similar examples of charity over the last few days.
While I was at Western Kosher I saw an obviously poor, elderly woman take her full shopping cart to the register. I then saw a chasidic man who was obviously not related to her and seemingly a complete stranger to her, pay for her entire order. It was not a small amount and I wanted to share his generosity with you.

My wife was at La Brea Market and the person ahead of her wanted to pay her bill. (LBM allows customers to set up credit accounts.) The cashier looked up the account and told her her balance was zero. The customer said "that's impossible, my husband just reminded me to pay the account before Pesach". The cashier told her "Well someone paid it. Your balance is zero.".

These are acts that we need to publicize. These are acts of Jews who get it. These are Jews whom we are all proud to call our brothers and our sisters.

This Pesach don't get caught up in the size of matzah, the flavor of marror, the crumbs behind the couch and forget the basics.

This Pesach, remember those who are needy. This Pesach lend a hand and help someone less fortunate feel a little bit more freedom by alleviating the stress of their bills. This Pesach let us unite and hopefully through that we will merit a new personal and national redemption.

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