Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is Alabama also holding holy buchrim in prison?

Violent storms hammer Alabama, Southern states; about 200 deadDevastation is widespread across Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia as officials begin an intense search-and-rescue effort in the wake of the 'catastrophic' weather. The death toll is expected to rise.
Attention Jewish Big Mouthes, including but not limited to Lazer Brody, Sultan Knish,  Shmuel Brazil  AA  the editors at Matzav, and the commenters there and at VIN and YWN:

If you're not going to connect every single tragedy to some crime committed against the Jewish people, don't play those types of know-it-all games with any tragedy. If you can't explain Alabama, don't attempt to explain Japan, or New Orleans, or any of them. Instead, embrace some humility. Allow for the possibility that some things can't be explained by number games, silly puns, or strange coincidences. Some things just are. Accept that. And with it, accept that God is not your own personal space cowboy. He does not stir up storms and rattle the earth to avenge your private pet peeves. He isn't a serial killer. He doesn't murder women and children by the hundreds and thousands as vengance for the sins of a few.



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