Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post Seder Posting

Here is the fast and dirty rundown:

Time we finished
Between 1 and 2, both nights.

Highlight we'll still be talking about next year
A small niece and her frog routine.

Arguments I had
When the gemarah says that Pharaoh's daughter's arm stretched out is it meant literally? (Post on this coming soon. I think my position will surprise you)
Is the kuzari argument any good, or is our evidence for Moshe the same as our evidence for George Washington? (no)
If it's unacceptable to say that Barack Obama is a muslim, why is it okay to walk around the house guffawing in the manner of Jon Stewart imitating George Bush?

Books I read
Pieces of "Rabbi Frand on the Parsha, book 2"
Most of chief rabbis sack's book on Exodus
Numerous magazine essays
Several chapters of Eye of the Needle (I've read it all several times. This is one of the things I go back to when I am visiting a particular relative and in need of quick, mindless, escape reading.)
Most of George W. Bush's awful book about how he saved the world, and brought us all prosperity and freedom during an era of great historical import during which he did nothing wrong, aside from once or twice listening to an advisor, or in the case of appointing Harriet Miers, his wife. (This is what was the cause of the argument mentioned above. Whenever Bush eluded responsibility, or went out of his way to make a democrat or person from the north east look bad, I'd read the sentence out loud and guffaw.)
That comic book that tells over the Torah with God as a green female, and Moshe as a handsome black man who may or not remind you of a more contemporary handsome black man. I forget what it's called, but plan to review it shortly.

Stuff we ate for shulchan orech
Night one: chicken in the pot
Night two: kalachol
I mention this because of my infamous post from three years ago in which I insisted that preparing a Seder meal is a breeze, and not something anyone with basic kitchen skills should struggle with, let alone complain about for six weeks in advance. Needless to say our food was brilliant, and no one thought cooking it was the chore to end all chores.

time we finished davening

Like 1130 both days. We started at 9. No speech either day (its how the rabbi makes up for tal and yotzros I think)

Number of milchig meals
None, though milchig for day two lunch sure would have been nice. (saying that in the presence of the chief chef just before the roast came out, may not have been nice. Ah well. I ate it anyway)

Thing I am most thankful for
No stupid argument with my racist relative about how racism is both true, and the basis of the whole Torah. I've had that argument with this fellow far too many times, and both of us still carry thhe scars. Glad it didn't happen again this year.

If you like, let's call this a blog meme. In which case all of you are tagged.

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