Monday, October 19, 2009

YWE: I prefer the taste of bourbon puke to any scotch on the market

The genius readers of the holy Yeshiva World blog are rehashing the old scotch v. bourbon debate. I've done that myself, like any casual drinker, and when my friends and I do this particular dance we talk about things like nose and finish, or the history, complexity, and subtleties of the different beverages before coming to the inevitable conclusion of taam v'rayach.

Over at the holy Yeshiva World, the holy Yeshiva World editor has a different trump card up his sleeve. Here's his clinching argument:
Scotch is for yuppies.
I'll take Jack Daniels over the most expensive scotch in the world. Bourbon tastes better coming up, then scotch does going down....
Um... as pointed out in the comments,  Jack Daniels isn't bourbon, [damnit I KNEW that] but never mind. There's still a golden marketing opportunity here for the makers of non-yuppie America's favorite Kentucky Whisky. Dear Jack Daniels: Your image as the drink of choice for dumb frat boys who wish to get drunk quickly and inexpensively seems to be in great shape. Perhaps you can pay Yeshiva World to send some of their patented opt-in spam to registered users in which the Editor is quoted singing the praises of your puke. That's the sort of endorsement the scotch boys would kill for.

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