Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poor whiny Rush Limbough

Its been a terrible year for fat Oxy-addicted white men. First we put a darkie in the White House, and now I see from the liberal, Rush-hating media that North America's least racist pundit was denied the opportunity to purchase an NFL team.

Such a shame. I was deeply looking forward to seeing some disgruntled football player force Rush to swallow a goal post after being told that he was too black and lazy to play in the NFL.

On the thread, someone says Rush isn't a racist, and someone else says he's never been recorded making a racist comment. Of course this not true. See here.

Also on the thread, someone suggests the NFL punished Rush for his political opinions. Such a reading of their decision only plays into Rush's hands. Rush was rejected because he is a divisive, exhibitionist bigot; moreover, NFL policy states clearly that the league can reject the sale of a team to anyone, at any time for any reason. If they dislike the color of a man's shoes, they can reject his ownership application. Their club.
Their rules.

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