Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do you do this?

Do you do this: Entrusting your children to someone just because they look "frum"
A guest post received by email

I was shopping the other day when I was approached by a religious woman who asked me if I could watch her kids for a minute while she ran to get her car, so that she could pull up in front of the store. While I certainly did not mind doing her a favor, I couldn't fathom how she could trust me, a total stranger, with her children just because she decided I looked religious enough.

Friends have told me similar stories as well. One was in an amusement park when a woman asked her to watch her baby, who was in a Bugaboo stroller, while she took her other kids on a ride. The friend asked if she cares more about the Bugaboo or the child. (Ok, I don't know if she really asked it, but she was definitely thinking it.)

Apparently looking religious is all it takes for some people to hand over their children to perfect strangers. I'm not writing this because I think these individuals actually love their children any less, but to make people aware of the dangers of doing this. It's nice to love every Jew, but let's not be so loving at our children's expense.

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Knowledge is power.

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