Monday, October 12, 2009

Rush: How can they both be embarrasments?

Listening to Rush Limbough (which I do sometimes, but only for you) its hard to escape the conclusion that he views the Nobel Peace Prize as some kind of insult
Conservatives pounced on the the Nobel Prize committee's decision to award President Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, with talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh calling it a "greater embarrassment" than losing the Olympics.
Do I have this straight? Losing the Olympics was an "embarrassment" because it represented the international community's rejection of Obama. Meanwhile, winning the the Nobel is an even "greater embarrassment" because it represents the international community's acceptance of Obama? Why its almost as if Rush will construe everything that happens as reflecting poorly on Obama. (Never mind that all the Nobel really represents is acceptance from the 5 Norwegian nobodies who make up the prize committee.)

Furthermore, in what sense can being recognized for advocating for world peace be thought of as an embarrassment? Why is it only the RW lunatics who see a desire for peace as some kind of character flaw?

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