Friday, October 09, 2009

Barry's Prize: Did the Nobel Peace Prize Just Jump the Shark?

The one real nice things about Barak Obama winning the Nobel Prize is all the egg it puts on GOP faces. Wasn't it just last week they were saying how his inability to singlehandedly secure the Olympics for Chicago (when, let's face it, Revlon doesn't make enough lipstick to pretty up that pig) was proof-positive the world hated him?

Otherwise, I agree this looks both political and suspicious. The deadline for nominations, as Republicans who can read have pointed out, was February 1, meaning Barak won the prize based on about a week's work. This makes some sense if we say he contributed to world peace during the year he was campaigning for president, but I agree its far more likely he won the prize because the Nobel Committee wished to make it clear Obama's diplomatic style is preferable to the brain dead, kill-all-the-bad-guys-we-can't-torture approach favored by Cowboy Bush.  (Here I use the word "cowboy" in the 18th century sense, ie, a crooked  pro-British traitor, who makes his money raiding and plundering, but the 21st century slang meaning "a reckless person who ignores risks" also applies.)

Its not my prize, so its not up to me how the Nobel is awarded. If the committee wants to cheapen their award by transforming it into a cheap political stunt, that's their prerogative. But if I was Obama, I'd turn the honor down, and ask to be reconsidered in a year or two. Its too soon for him to win a prize this big, and there is something unseemly about that. Turning it down would be classy, legendary, and, best of all, it would blunt the teeth of GOP carpers.

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