Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who's the butt of this joke?

This clip is hysterical on more than one insidious level.

Background: In the season premier of 30 Rock, the producers decided their fictional late night variety show needed more rural appeal. One solution was to ask the show's female lead to sing a country-style sports intro, modeled on ABC's famous and justifiably ridiculed "Are you ready for some football?" Only one problem: The show belongs to NBC, and, in the world of the show, tennis is the only sport franchise NBC owns. When this episode aired, only a brief segment of the intro was shown, but all 60 hysterical seconds of it are now available in a web exclusive. [damn I love this decade]

Questions: Who or what is this clip mocking? Stupid rural people? Stupid TV execs who think they can appeal to rural people with stupid gimmicks? Stupid gimmicks? Vapid blond TV stars who think they can slip into a new persona as easily as I change my underwear? The new convention of introducing televised sporting events with an overproduced dance number? The idea that sporting events and sec are inseparable (check out the dancers and their suggestive racket moves) The idiocy of politicians who speak of rural America as if its the only real America, to the exclusion of every place else?

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