Thursday, October 15, 2009

DovBear (and his readers) solves all your problems

By email:
Dear Dov Bear: I saw this on one of the anono-hateblogs recently, but it caught my eye, and I thought a discussion here might be interesting. Can you post.
There is a (frum) business I frequent, whose owner I recently found out is a very low and deplorable human being. I think the obvious reaction is to stop patronizing this person's business; however, most of the people who are privy to this information and are equally (if not more) horrified as I, continue to not only use his services but are actively involved in helping his business thrive (I am not referring to paid employees).

I am curious to hear what the readers here would do in this situation.
Oh, and this info is not hearsay - it is 100% fact.
I think that the writer has to tell people what she knows, but maybe that's the wrong approach. What do you think?

Readers? Over to you: What advice do you have for my correspondent?

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Anonymous said...

Reading enriches the mind.

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