Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Peace in Our Time

Submitted by some friend of the blog
None of this is verified

Gaza's out. Hamas is out.

Fatah and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank are in. Big Time, "in"

Israel is releasing hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority, planning on freeing 250 Fatah terrorists, and has started removing roadblocks in the West Bank to ease the inconvenience to the Palestinians.

Despite the IDF's protests of removing the roadblocks and releasing the terrorists, PM Ehud Olmert insists that this is the way to go -- the path of peace. Now is the time for Muhammad Abbas and the PA to prove they really are in favor of peace.

Israel radio and TV announce hour by hour all the important, peace initiatives coming out of Ramallah; "no more armed groups exist, only PA policemen", "the PA has outlawed all terror activity", "one can only carry a weapon with a permit" -- these ostensibly sound very promising. Why would the PA not take advantage of such a great offer now; world recognition as being "moderates", money flowing in from all corners of the globe, and Israel is releasing Fatah terrorists and even considering releasing convicted Fatah terror leader, Marwan Bargoutti.

So whats the problem?

Around 9 PM this evening, an IDF patrol saw a car driving on the road that raised their suspicion. With many roadblocks removed, this car for some reason piqued the curiosity of the IDF patrol. No particular just "felt wrong"

The flagged down the car for it to stop, and the car ignored them.

The IDF jeep decided to pursue the suspicious car and a high speed chase ensued.

The car stopped at the entrance to an Arab village, 4 men got out and ran for cover in the village.

The IDF soldiers ran to the car and to their surprise, found a loaded M16 and handgun, ready to be used.

So basically, due the the whim of these soldiers, or a miracle if you so wish, a terror attack against Israelis was prevented on a main road this evening in the West Bank.

The IDF is now going house to house in this village looking for these terrorists, and I can hear occasional gunfire from over the hill.

So what's the bottom line?

Even with everything; money, glory, world opinion, and a get-out-of-jail-free pass...the PA and Fatah aren't really interested in anything.

Except for killing us.

Thank G-d for tonight's miracle. I'm not sure we even deserve it.

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