Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today's Pet Peeve

Why do the employees of Jewish owned companies guard their names the way a seminary girl protects her modesty? Seriously, what's the state secret? Here's a typical exchange:

At a Non Jewish company:
Receptionist: Thank you for calling DovBear Enterprises, my name is Wanda, how can I help you?
DovBear: Hi! This is DovBear! Can I speak to someone in Accounts Payable?
Wanda: Sure!
(on hold message touting the company, and its special offers)
Accounts Payable: Hello! My name is Mike! Can I get your name please

At a Jewish company:
Receptionist: Huh-lllo?
DovBear: Yes, is this DovBear Enterprises?
Rec: (tentatively) yeeees.
DovBear: My name is DovBear. Who's this please?
Rec: ...just a secretary (in a slight sing-song)
DB: Um... Ok. Can I speak to someone in Accounts Payable?
Rec: (grunt)
(intolerable Jewish hold music)
Accounts Payable: Huh-llloooo?

I'm sure there's something cultural behind this phenomenon, but what could it be?

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