Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dag Dumps on ArtScroll - Comments

BTW, I must note, that the other half of the standard Artscroll WW 1 started on Tisha Baav argument is equally absurd. The argument that in reality the Holocaust began on Tisha Baav because WW 2 and the Holocaust were the inevitable outcome of WW 1, is simply ridiculous.

Hitler was not the inevitable outcome of World War 1. Aside from all the leaders who could have stopped Hitler along the way, another charismatic leader could have filled the political void in Germany without a dictatorship or genocidal policies. Hitler made all the right political moves. There is nothing that predestined that as so.

In addition, it can be argued that Germany would have won WW 1, thus negating the supposed humiliation that led directly to WW2, IF the U.S. did not enter the war. Following the Artscroll logic, it could be argued that the day the US involved itself in the war is the mournful day that marked the beginning of the Holocaust.

The problem? That day was the 14th of Nissan. So, I can happily say to my Holocaust started on Tisha Baav enthusiast friends, that the Holocaust really started on Erev Pesach, on the eve of our redemption.

If one seriously argues that the direct cause of WW 2 was WW 1, and therefore our dating for the Holocaust must begin with that cause, why wouldn't we start the dating for WW 1 at the beginning of its causes? Anyone care to date the Holocaust back to the Dual Alliance?

Can we stop trying to put square pegs into round holes?
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