Monday, June 25, 2007

Silly emails

Dear DovBear:
You really make me laugh. Your comments on the "Idiot President" drives me crazy. All of you Liberal phonies partake of all the blessings of this country, sleep in your warm safe beds at night, while our President is protecting your sorry, lazy ass. We have not had one attack since 9/11, I wonder why....Thank God, he is man enough to blow all of you losers off, and keep on doing what is right for this country. Isn't it strange that the new president of France said, he will be a supporter of Bush, also isn't it strange that Blair from Great Britain is going to work for Bush and the UN. Also isn't it strange that the chancellor of Germany loves and respects Bush. You and your sorry cronies remind me of the Liberal creeps that actually helped bring down Rome. You know, you guys can't even make on Liberal Radio, those programs last two weeks, ( you wouldn't know who I am talking about, would you?) Every time I read your stupid blogs, I want to throw up.

My reply:
Uh huh. Its just the liberals who dislike Bush. Only the liberals. I suppose that's why the president's approval ratings are under thirty percent.

And if I recall we didn't have an attack on the scale of 9/11 BEFORE 9/11 either, suggesting the a non-idiot president, one who respects the constitution and governs for the many and not the few, could do an equally good job of protecting us.

I feel bad for you, with your unconcealed need for a big-daddy protector. The whole country has rejected George Bush. No one is running on his coat-tails (Republican presidential candidates avoid mentioning his name on the stump and in debates.) But here you are keeping the flame alive. Doesn't it get lonely?

PS: Liberal radio flamed out because liberals have no taste for propaganda. Talk radio is about endlessly repeating ideas and phrases with almost no regard for the truth. That's not how liberals play (It is, however, how the liberals blogs play, (much to the disdain of mainstream liberals) and thank god: Finally a counterbalance to the conservative noise machine. Finaly someone to pull the center to left as euqally hard as the loonies of talk radio have been pulling it right.)

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