Monday, June 18, 2007

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Top Four Biblical Cruxes

1 - The Sale of Joseph: Who took him out of the pit? Who brought him down to Egypt? Midianites or Ishmalites? Maddeningly unclear.

2 - The Flood: Did the water come from the sky or the depths of the earth? Were the animals taken seven by seven or two by two? At the finish, was a raven sent or a dove? And more.

3 - The creation of the world: Was man the first thing God made, or the last? Did He create man and women together, or was Eve built from her husbands rib? And more.

4 - Korah's rebellion: Discussed last week

Note: Every last issue raised above is discussed by the great exegetes, the Midrah, and in some cases, the Talmud, too. I know. The inescapable question though is this: Why did God write the Torah in a manner that called out for explanation? Why are the stories given to us in a style and a format that suggests competing or complimentary tales were woven together?

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