Monday, June 25, 2007


I never grow tired of reminding people that nose rings once were all the rage among Jewish women. Abraham's servant made a gift of one to Mother Rivka at the well and, today. Ymedad points to an old and reliable Jewish source which seems to take it for granted that our women wore nose jewelry.

When this topic comes up around my house (And it does. All the time.) Mrs. DovBear asks: "Would you object if one of the Bear daughters were to come home with her nose pierced?" and before I can reply she always adds, "because I would."

It's a tough spot for a guy like me to find himself in.

On the one hand, I recognize jewelry fashions are subjective and change with the time and place.
On the other hand, I think nose rings are gross
On yet a third hand (I was raised near Three Mile Island) if it was good enough for Mother Rivka, shouldn't it be good enough for our daughters?

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