Monday, September 12, 2005


Twenty-five Torah scrolls in New Orleans, Louisiana synagogues escaped damage despite Katrina hurricane flood waters that partially submerged several synagogues.

Leaders of the Jewish community of Baton Rouge, the capital of the Louisiana, traveled to New Orleans to save the scrolls and were surprised to discover they had not been damaged. The scrolls and sacred books were transferred to the Bet Shalom (House of Peace) synagogue in Baton Rouge.
How is that possible? Were the arks waterproof?

And, I can't beleive Lazer hasn't already explained why 25 rescued Torahs prove moshiach will be here by lunch time. The old guy's slipping.

Anyway, bloggers, put on your thinking caps: I want to know how twenty-five rescued NOLA Torahs relate to Gush Katif. There has to be a reason, right Sulton and Shragie?