Monday, September 12, 2005

Do what DovBear says:

Mar Gavriel wants to know: The Democratic primary is on Tuesday. And I haven't been following the candidates.

Readers from New York: For whom should I vote?!! Help!

Easy. Anthony Wiener. He's the only one of the bunch of Democratic tweedle-dees who could plausibly said to be untainted by the machines. Ferrer is a product of the Bronx machine; Fields comes to us by way of the Manhatten machine; and Miller is the current City Council speaker. DovBear doesn't like political machines (they run like shteebles) and he urges you not to support machine candidates.

In the general election, DovBear endorses Michael Bloomberg. Aside from his stupid idea for a West Side Stadium, an idea that blessedly is dead, Bloomie's been a fine mayor. He's also a liberal, too liberal to pass for a Republican west of Ninth Avenue anyway