Thursday, September 22, 2005

Permission to deny

Lazer Brody: I said it and I'll say it again: Katrina was the result of disengagement.

That's old news. Ugly news, even. The good news is that a newcomer, Moshe Ben-Chaim, has eviscerated Lazer Brody, Sultan Knish and the rest of their gang of know-nothing bloggers who insist that they alone know the real reason for Katrina.

Some quoted highlights:

1 - "Lo machshavosay machshavosaychem”, “Your thoughts are not My thoughts”. (Isaiah, 55:8) God tells us via His prophet Isaiah that we can, in no way, know His thoughts. Therefore it is futile and arrogant to suggest what is God’s direct will

2 - When Samuel was commanded by God to anoint a new king to replace Saul, he said to God, “Saul will hear and kill me!” ...[w]hy did Samuel feel vulnerable? It is because his outlook was the proper one; where all is in man’s hands and in accordance with nature, unless proven otherwise... Now, if Samuel, “on a mission from God”, did not feel Divinely incubated from harm, how much more must we not view events as Divine?

3 - The Egyptian plagues were intended as Divine lessons. But how did God insure that Egypt would view these natural events distinct from others, so as to fear Him? It was precisely Moses’ perfectly-timed forecast that distinguished them... Without such predictions or miraculous phenomena, man should rightfully chalk up all events to natural law, and not God’s direct will, targeting selected victims.

As you read Moshe Ben-Chaim, please remember the point I made this morning. You are not a heretic if you reject Lazer's certainties. The worst that can be said about you is that you are cruel, and that only because you are denying people the opportunity to repent, by telling them the truth about how the world works.

Update Lazer's launched a pathetic counteroffensive against Moshe Ben Chaim's fusillade but it fails to address any of Ben-Chaim's arguments. Instead, Lazer calls him names. My, my, my.