Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How does the world work?

Is our God a micro-mananger, who inserts himself anew into every situation? Must every small decision and routine task go through Him?

No, I say.

If I live a good life (as defined by halacha) and perfect my character (as defined by halacha) and make smart choices (as defined by halacha) good things will happen to me via natural means. God doesn't need to intervene, or to mess with nature. The world he built is programmed to reward and punnish via natural means.

Think of how a computer game works, for example. What type of game would you say is better designed? The one that works by itself, and plays itself out rationally and intelligently? Or the one that requires its creator's constant intervention?

When you say that God is constantly interfering with the world he created, you are, in fact, suggesting that His world isn't really that well designed.