Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Letting out a roar

Sultan Knish:

"Liberals like Dovbear predictably have the most trouble with a biblical G-d who remains vastly incompatible with their ideals of gay rights, moral equivalence and the supremacy of liberal doctrines over the Torah."

Sultan, thanks for dropping my name into your little blog, but I do wish you'd bother to get the facts straight. It isn't God I have a problem with, nor His Torah; rather, I object to your pompous and self-serving attempts to read His mind.

And, despite your yelping protestations:

(1) gay rights is not inconsistant with anything the Torah says (please show me the verse reading Thou Shalt Bash the Gay Man);

(2) "moral equivlance" is a polemical phrase, used most often by people who don't know it means. Anyway, isn't it odd that the people most likely to scream "moral equivlance" are the ones most likely to break bread with idol worhsippers; and

(3) the Torah has much more to say about "liberal" ideas such as charity, and protecting the vulnarable, and pursuing justice, than it does about "conservative" ideas like supply-side economics, gun-rights, or cronyism.