Thursday, September 29, 2005


I don't have much to say about that has not already been said (I and II) about the Steven Pruzansky scandle except this:

Either the Rabbi is a liar, or he has been framed by an awfully clever arch-nemesis.

(Though I suppose, it's possible that some other "powerful, important rabbi in the tri-state area who was a force in the National Religious movement" reacted to the disengagment by writing a viscious anti-Israel screed for the Jewish Voice, with the fact that the other Rabbi chose Rabbi Pruzansky's own Hebrew name as his psudonym being just another one of those happy coincidences that used to make Seinfeld so entertaining.)

Anyway, the real story is this: If a Jewish Rabbi can display such virulence over Israel refusing to play along with his messianic fantasies, think what our fine friends the Evangelicals are going to do once they realize we have no plans to go like happy sheep to the slaughter of the Rapture.

Israel doesn't need the likes of Pruzansky, the mystery essay writer or, for that matter, the evangelicals: If you can't be trusted to love Israel for what it is, you can't be trusted to love it at all.