Sunday, September 25, 2005

Alberto the very, very excellent

I know there aren't too many Orthodox Jews who can tolerate Chazanut, but I encourage you to make an exception for Alberto Mizrachi, the Greek super-chazan, who has a verison of Habet, that will make you weep.

The words alone contain a message for the ages:
Look down from the heavens and see that we have become objects of derision among the nations, who think of us as sheep to be slaughtered, destroyed, smitten and shamed. Despite all this we have not forgotten your name. Please do not forget us.
And no, GOP-Jews. It isn't about the Muslims.

(If one of you would be kind enough to donate some server space, I'd happily post the full version of the song. Think of it as my little holiday gift to the blogosphere.)