Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who looks more like a president?

After the tragedies in Libya and Egypt, both Obama and Romney went in front of the cameras to discuss and denounce the murders. Romney, especially, seems to be trying very hard to look and sound like a president.  Did he succeed? Does he seem more presidential than the actual president? Video below, and my comments after the jump.

Romney is clearly more nervous, and he's also more obviously reading from a prepared text. Obama looks calmer, and it isn't until the homestretch that it becomes patently obvious that he's reading. (Not that there is anything wrong with reading your speech.)

 It's a rhymes with "sickish" move for Romney to smack the president in this sort of statement, especially if you can't get your facts right. The statement Romney denounces was released before the attacks, and he should have known this before he took the podium. The smirk was also not very presidential.. He seemed almost happy to have been given a chance to hit Obama. Also, as William Slatin explains, the specific criticism he made is stupid, unAmerican, and displays no real understanding of our values. 

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