Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Inparital people who answered their phones say Mittens RNC speech was the very worst ever

What explains the terrible approval rating Mitten's big speech received? Does the Gallup polling organization hate America? Has El Presidente brainwashed us all via his sneakily hypnotic logo? Or did his speech just, you know, suck? Our theory is the latter.

Just how did it suck? Well, there was, of course, the creepy anecdote about how Old Man Romney died, plus a pile of lies mixed in with no vision or plan. Also, Mittens took the stage after crazy old guy. But the real failure of his speech sez Jon Stewart is that it spun this romantic, yet utterly false, myth about what America used to look like before Evil Barry took over. Then Mittens said he and his Republican friends have spent the last four years rooting for Evil Barry and doing all they could to help Evil Barry succeed.

If you weren't yet sure that Miff just makes stuff up as he goes along thinking you are too stupid to notice, this was your wake-up call. See Jon Stewart say so after the jump

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There is but one step from the sublime to the ridiculous.

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