Thursday, September 20, 2012

Whipping Right Wingers is easy

Whipping Right Wingers is easy, mostly because they never have any facts.  To prove the point, here's a cut and paste of some FaceBook action earlier today.

Ask yourself ,what have I done today to help Romney get elected .Did I contribute to his campaign ,did I register friends and family to vote ,am I posting on FB about the benefits of a Romney win for Israel and America etc .WE ALL MUST FIGHT AND WIN THIS BATTLE .

  • Dov Bear After his 47 percent comments, there is no way in hell I'd vote for him, and I invite you to consider what it would do to this country to have a sneering plutocrat in the Oval Offi...See More
  • Avroham Nissan Ben Aharon Dov Bear you are niave and are hurting Jews ,Israel and America with your actions .IT IS CLEAR OBAMA IS A PRO ARAB/MUSLIM PRESIDENT .NETANAYHU knows better and I will listen to him over fools like you.
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  • Juanita Stevens DeMello You are right, Avroham , and God only knows what Obama will do in a second term when he no longer has to woo the voters, esp the Jews. Here is an older article that I encourage Dov Bear to read about Obama's friends. Remember the old adage of "birds of a feather"?
  • Dov Bear No YOU are naive and hurting Jews, Israel and America with YOUR actions. It is CLEAR Obama is a great friend of Israel and how do I know? Because Bibi Netanyahu, among others, said...See More
  • Juanita Stevens DeMello Dov "Let's also remember that he (unlike Clinton or W.) never asked Israel to make any additional territorial concessions." answer: When Obama put his imprimatur on the '67 border...See More
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  • Avroham Nissan Ben Aharon No instead Obama imposed a 10 month freeze on building ,he sides with the Palestinians every time .i can go on but your the brainwashed propagandist lying here because Neyanyahu is not for Obama at all because Obama is leaving Israel in peril from a nuclear Iran.
  • Dov Bear IMPOSED???? Hold on. Netanyahu is the boss of Israel. Not Obama. If Netanyahu had wanted to say "no" it was in his power to do that. How do I know? Because when BUSH demanded a freeze, he had the balls to refuse. Where did his courage go when Obama made the same request? More importantly, why are you blaming this on Obama. Its his job to do what's best for the US and its Netanyahu's jobv to do what's best for Israel. If accepting the freeze was bad for Israel, as you claim, that's on Netanyahu! Right?
  • Juanita Stevens DeMello Lol! If you think because Obama can sign a check to Israel that that makes him a friend of Israel, then you are naive indeed. Signing checks is what Obama does best, even when there is no money in the bank. As for your "knowledge" that BHO is a "great friend of Israel" based on Netanyahu's say-so, do you think for one moment that Bibi would say otherwise, politically? That means nothing. No statesman would ever say anything different regarding the leader of one of the world's superpowers and Israel's only real "friend" in the world. A naive person looks at actions and not words. Obama is permitting Iran to have a nuke based on his actions. What country or countries do you think are threatened by that bomb? Obama is also seen as a weak leader which is encouraging Islamists to fill the void left by a no leadership situation. Which is apparently hunky-dory as far as our Muslim suck-up apologetic president is concerned.
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  • Dov Bear "When Obama put his imprimatur on the '67 borders with minor mutually agreed exchanges, Obama did indeed impose "territorial concessions" FALSE as anyone who can read a newspaper or work a YouTube video already knows, Obama merely restated something Bush said years earlier. It wasn't new. Why are right wingers so ignorant?
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  • Dov Bear Obama is permitting Iran to have a nuke? He's said countless times in countless forums that Iran will never get a bomb while he is president. No one sees Obama as a weak leader. If he was such a weak leader, why did Bibi rool over like a well trained dog when Obama asked for a freeze? he didn't do that when Bush made the identical request!

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