Thursday, September 06, 2012

Last night at the DNC: Traveling back in time with Monica's ex-boyfriend

After some professor woman talked about I don't know what, Bill Clinton took the stage and demonstrated just exactly how out of touch he is. I mean, what the hell kind of Convention speech was that? Are we back  in the black and white days?

Where were the hectoring, the lies, the snark and the cynicism? Where were the anecdotes about his Hard Life or the ripped from context misquotes of his opponent's words?

Clinton was up there on his hind legs for almost fifty whole minutes and he did not insult Romney once. Nor did he use monosyllabic words or a condescending Paul Ryan-tone to suggest that we are stupid.  Instead, Clinton made tons of sneakily logical, fact-based arguments using Math about how we are way better off now thanks to Barack Obama.

How quaint + old fashioned. An actual, complex, comprehensive argument using facts. We admit we swooned. 

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