Sunday, September 02, 2012

How Obama could still lose my vote

It wasn't a forgone conclusion, but currently Obama has my vote. This is because I think the president had a fair to good first term, while meanwhile Romney has failed to impress, running a campaign full of gaffes, bumbles, and lies. I haven't yet been given a reason to fire Obama.

However, a lot can happen between now and November. Obama can still lose my vote. Here's how it could happen:

(1) A misstep on Iran. So far, I think he's done a fair job on Iran. Everyone knows he's willing to attack, and everyone knows he supports Israel's right to pre-empt. But what will he do when the pressure is on? Say Israel scrambles the jets. What then? Will he say the right thing? Will he do the right thing? If that moment comes before election day and Obama blows it, I won't support him for a second term.

(2)  The discovery of proof that he's a [fill in the blank] I sincerely doubt that Obama is a Muslim, terrorist, radical, socialist America-hater. But hey, anything is possible. Should a smoking gun emerge proving that Obama lied about his biography or his relationships with disreputable figures, I'll vote for Romney.

(3) A promise to raise taxes on people on the middle class: Ordinary people can't afford to pay more to the government. The wealthy can, and I don't see anything wrong with asking for sacrifice from people -- especially people who can afford to make them. We did this during the war eras when we drafted people into the armed forces. We can do it now during the recession era by asking rich people for a little more.

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(Somewhere on this blog I graded his first term, giving him middling marks on the economy, high marks on Foreign Affairs and Defense (Israel included) and very low marks on handling the opposition. I can't find it.)

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