Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Three things Mitt can do to get my vote

Hey Mitt, want me to vote for you? Of course you do! Do these three things and I'll strongly consider it:

Renounce the Lies
Almost nothing makes me hate Republicans more than their election-year dirty tricks. This year the game is ripping a presidential quote out of context and subverting its intended meaning. Moron Yahoos are eating it up, but its making me distrust you. Want my vote? Go on TV and confess that "We Didn't Build it" is a sham and call on your followers and surrogates to make honest attacks on the president instead. That would show leadership and character and it would go a long way with me.

Tell us how you survived as a Mormon before 1977
We forced Obama to explain and justify his relationship with Jeremiah Wright, but you've never explained what was going through your mind, as a practicing Mormon, when your church's racial restrictions were still in place. I'll likely believe you if you say you were bifurcated -- after all, there are very decent men and women who survive as Orthodox Jews despite what our books say about non-Jews - but I want to hear the explanation.

Give Us a Damn Plan
We know you think Obama sucks. We know you think you can do a better job. Tell us HOW. To date, we've gotten fluff and foppery but no substance. HOW are you going to bring back jobs. HOW are you going to engage the rest of the world. HOW are you going to cut spending and taxes. Like most observers, I expected Paul Ryan, wunderkind, to spell it out in his big speech. Instead he gave us more of the rah-rah and the blah-blah. Want my vote? Use big words, compound sentences, and tell me exactly how you're going to make things better.

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