Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Israel still refusing to acknowledge Evil Barry has tossed her under a bus

When did Avigdor Leiberman become a commie Obama cultist?  Hasn't Viggie received the Emergency Action Message from Elder headquarters about how all non-self-hating Jews must unite against the Supreme Socialist lest our marriages become gay?

Yet there he is right in my Palestenian Post saying all sorts of silly things about how Israel has no better friend than the US+A!
“To the credit of the United States, it is the only country that stood by our side in our struggles at the United Nations, the Security Council and UNESCO,” Liberman said. 
“The US increased funding for Iron Dome. Even if we disagree sometimes and even if there is commentary that suggests otherwise, we must say we that have no better friend than the US.”
Can this be true? Is poor Israel really so friendless that secular, pro-Arab America is still its BFF? Can they be that blind to the bus they have been thrown under? Try harder Evil Barry! Israel is still not getting the hint!

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