Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let's insult our local Assembleywoman

One of the most excellent readers sent this in. She says its from her local Jewish fish-wrapper. See if you can catch the omission:

Like you, we're pleased as punch the dirty women didn't sully the pages of this august journal with her filthy photograph. In other news, denizens of the old South are "mightily pissed off" that it never occurred to them to wrap their racism in religion or to claim that pissing on black people was actually a sign of respect. Had they employed such proven Hasidic tactics, Jim Crow might never have been defeated. (And if any of those male politicians had the gift of gallantry, they'd have done like the King of Denmark and withheld their own photos.)

By the way this is the Hon. Ellen C. Jaffee:

Feeling lustful? Any chance you might ejaculate all over your computer? We didn't think so.

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