Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another example of high quality GOP Jewish logic

Via the Internet we give you another sterling example of flawless GOP logic, that proves once again that there is absolutely no double standard regarding how opinions about Barak Obama have been formed.:
How's about the fact that Obama could not find the time to visit Israel once during the four years of his presidency yet finds the time to visit such "important allies" as Ghana among others? That's one long, quite substantial snub.
Our hero, George W. Bush, greatest friend of Israel who ever lived, did not visit Israel until YEAR EIGHT of his administration.

Before he finally made it to Israel on January 9, 2008, he visited such super important allies as Latvia, Vatican City (3 times) Senegel, Botswana, Latvia, Lithuania, Chile, Nigeria, Uganda, Thailad, Vietnam, El Salvadore,  Phillipines, Bulgaria, Estonia, Mongolia, Albania, and Guatemala.  (Bush also visited several countries that count like the UK, Brazil, Russia, Japan, China, India, Germany, and Canada)

He also first visited terrorist Moooooslim countries such as Egypt, Georgia, Singapore, Pakistan, Afghanastan, Indonesia (twice), Qatar, Turkey, Jordan (twice) and Iraq (three times, though of course in Iraq he spoke mostly to troops and other Real Americans, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki included.)

Furthermore, the day after he met with the Israeli  PM in Tel Aviv, Bush went to the country that does not exist (Palestine) to chat with Mahmoud Abbas creating what would be called a "false equality" had it been done by a black Democrat.

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