Wednesday, October 10, 2007

From the midvar sheker tirchak files

California Kiruv group slammed for deception. Also, they sound downright mean:
After talking throughout the meal with a group of male friends, Marcus was confronted as she left the table by Bracha Zaret, the wife of Moshe Zaret, a Jewish Awareness Movement rabbi. The rebbetzin, apparently incensed by Marcus' immodesty, asked her if she was on any medication. Marcus was puzzled, not realizing that the question was meant as an insult. Zaret then kicked her out of the house, telling her that she would never amount to anything and would be unmarried at forty
Wow. If that sort of treatment doesn't convince you to embrace the God of our Fathers and to accept His laws, you clearly have obstinance issues...

Hat-tip: The kvetcher

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