Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BBJ beats on Vox.

Thus spaketh the balabusta in blue jeans:
Look, bird-brain, [Vox Day] I am relatively new thing in the world, I am a Jewish woman who is a full citizen of the country she unfortunately has to share with you. I do not have to sit quietly while you lecture me on the imperfections of my religion. I do not have to tremble when you suggest I am getting too uppity or wealthy. And I do not bar my windows and hide inside come Easter week. There are Christians in the world who do not share these rights, and I weep for them. But their plight does not give you the right to whine about being criticized in an open marketplace of ideas.This is the glory of our nation. So don't think that your thinly veiled snivelly threats are impressive. You ain't no Ferdinand, you ain't no Maria Theresa, you ain't no Edward I, and you sure ain't no Joe Stalin. Us Yidden, we've been threatened by experts. You don't measure up.

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