Monday, October 15, 2007

Thems fighting words

One of Coulter's supporters, himself a favorite of willfully-blind GOP Jews, has this to say to Jews who dare to stick up for themselves:
America is still quite friendly towards Jews, but the incessant attacks on Christianity by the likes of Deutsch, Forman and Abe Foxman have grown increasingly tiresome. Given this irritating behavior, and the historical fact that Jews have worn out their welcome in literally dozens of countries over the centuries, it is the height of foolishness for a small number of misguided individuals to demand that 80 percent of the American population remain silent about the tenets of its religious faith. Christians are dying for their faith in the Sudan, in North Korea, in China, Vietnam and Myanmar; they are not about to shut their mouths simply because a few Jews in the media disapprove of their beliefs.
Yeah. buddy cry me a river. We Jews know a few things about dying ourselves, and we're not about to sit quietly while you repeat lies that are both offensive and the proximate cause of the aforementioned dying. We're going to call you on it every time. Every time. And if that hurts your wee wittle feewings, well a good cry followed by a long soak in the tub supposedly works wonders.

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