Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More frum violence on Jerusalem buses

From the mailbag....

Hi, DB.

Just in case you were wondering whether anthing has changed for the better since Miriam Shear's report of the vicious attack on her on the #2 bus in Jerusalem last November -- or whether this was perhaps an isolated incident -- here is a letter that appeared in last Friday's (Oct. 12) issue of the Jerusalem Post's In Jerusalem section:

I was recently a passenger on a No. 1 bus leaving the Western Wall. During the ride one of the standing passengers became incensed that a woman passenger was seated next to a young man and physically assaulted her -- pulled her hair, pushed and pulled her out of the seat... and took her seat.

The driver did nothing. I wondered whether Egged has any required procedure in place when a passenger is being physically assaulted.

Naomi Gordon
New York

All the best,

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