Friday, December 21, 2012

Why did Sandy Hook happen?

In the interest of clarity and honesty, I've taken it upon myself to explain what "Judaism*" says about the Sandy Hook shooting. To the best of my knowledge, these are all "classic" rabbinic explanations for the suffering of children. Should I have misstated any of them, please correct me in the comments and updates will be provided. PS: Not making any of this up.

(1) The children were killed as a punishment for their parents (Unlucky break that so many parents who needed punishing had kids in the same class)

(2) The kids sinned and this was their punishment.

(3) The kids were all going to grow up to become evil, so this was preemptory.

(4) Sure, it looks like something horrible happened in Sandy Hook, but if you were able to see things from God's perspective you'd realize that the massacre was a good thing.

(5) The children were re-incarnations of souls who needed to go through the trauma of Sandy Hook in order to acquire atonement for past misdeeds

(6) The guilt of this generation made the suffering of the children necessary. Their death was an atonement for all of us.

(7) Their suffering is trivial compared to the reward the waits for them in heaven

*Judaism doesn't say anything. Jews are the ones who say things, and they've said different, sometimes contradictory things, on this subject. Above I've made a poor attempt at summarizing them

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