Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best Frum Headline ever?

Phillip the Great sends us this ray of sunlight:

Tremendous Arousal Following Women's Rally to Fortify Walls of Taharoh;

That's an actual headline now showing on an actual frum blog. We do not kid.

By the way, belated props to DVD for giving us such a fine "window into the Charedi world" As you expected, and as this picture makes clear, all Charedim wear shtreimals, all the time. The men sit around grinning out the window and the kids - two per family! - are always well-dressed, happy, and content... and, in Haredi-land, there are no woman to be found.

Thanks Deih Ve-dibur for giving us this awesome window into the Charedi world! We're sure your articles are equally enlightening!

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