Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fox interviews Santa

So, in no particular order here's what's strange about Fox's decision to grant Santa a public forum:

(1) Santa is a secularist: The fat red elf fights on OUR side in the war on Christmas  He's the guy making  the holiday about toys, not Jesus. In fact, he was invented by a corporation for the purpose of selling soft drinks.
(2) Santa is basically a socialist, obviously funded by some shadowy NGO, who has made the redistribution of assets his mission in his life.
|(3) Santa is anti-merit. Every kid gets a toy, no matter how good he is. If Santa was a real American the really good kids would get better toys.
(4) Santa is an immigrant Maybe Fox cuts Santa a break because he's from the North Pole, not the South, if you get my drift.

Oh, right. Also, Santa isn't a real person.

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