Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Things I Wish Orthodox Jews Would Stop Believing

All these years behind the keyboard communicating with the unwashed Internet masses, and yet it still surprises me to meet well-educated Jews who are caught in the grips of dangerously dumb ideas.

What would it take to defeat them once and forever? The problem isn't one of candlepower. Jews are, let's face it, smart. But even smart Jews push back when you introduce them to a good idea that seems impious or that contradicts elementary school teachings. Does our community reluctance to accept the truth, no matter its source, stem from an unhealthy fear of appearing less frum than our neighbors? Or is it just the stiff-neckedness for which we are famous?

In any event, here we go again with another DovBear list. Call it Things I Wish Orthodox Jews Would Stop Believing. I have a few, but let's start with your ideas. Add them here, in the comments, or on the Facebook version of this post. Ready, set go.

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